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Alseal MS Construction Sealant


A single-component, high-performance hybrid sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It is solvent, silicone and isocyanate free. Its characteristics of UV, weather and temperature resistance are excellent. The adhesion of the sealant on a wide variety of substrates is great, and it is paintable with most types of common industrial paints.


Recommended for sealing concrete joints like expansion joints, construction joints, wall panel joints etc. Ideal for sealing metal or stone facade panels, and door/window frame perimeter joints. It may also be used without primer to seal porcelain, coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, polystyrene, uPVC, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and finish wood.

ASTM C-920/ ISO 11600 Compliant
±50% Movement Capability
Good UV resistance
Low static charge – Less dirt streaking
Silicone free – Paintable


Curing System: Moisture curing
Density: 1.55 g/mL
Tensile at break (ASTM D412): 1.0 N/mm²
Elongation at break (ASTM D412): > 600%
Lap Shear Strength, AI to AI (ASTM D1002): 0.5 N.mm²
Shore A Hardness (ASTM C661): 25 – 35
Joint Movement Capability (ASTM C719): ±50%
VOC content (USEPA Test Method 24): < 10g/L


Technical Data AS-205
High Performance Silicone Sealant
Bathroom & Sanitary Sealant
AS-4001 / AS-4001S
MS Construction Sealant
 Isocyanate free – No air bubbling
 Solvent free – No shrinkage
 Reactive plasticizer – Non-staining
 Primerless bonding to most surfaces
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Every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information given herein is true and reliable
but it is given only for the guidance of our customers. The company cannot accept any
responsibility for the loss or damage that may result from the use of the information, due to the
possibility of various of processing or working conditions and of workmanship outside our control.
Users are advised to confirm suitability of this product by their own tests.
MS Construction
Sealant1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water.
2. For a neat finish, apply masking tape and remove it before sealant skins over.
3. Cut tip off and puncture the internal foil seal with nozzle. Cut nozzle at 45°
angle to desired bead-width and apply to substrate with cartridge gun.
4. Tooling time is 30 minutes, tack free time is 45 minutes.
5. Uncured sealant can be cleaned up with mineral spirits.
6. Use approved backing material for joints over 10mm deep.

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