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Flexible Cementitious


H2Opel Waterproofing Membrane is a two component, flexible polymer modified membrane designed to protect substrates such as concrete & masonry from the ingress of water vapour/ moisture.


Use Laticrete H2Opel to waterproof bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces and swimming pools before the installation of ceramic tiles and provide a highly flexible, protective and waterproof coating to concrete structures particularly subject to cracking.

Technical Data Sheet

Features & Benefits

● No primer required on the substrate before application

● Can be applied on damp - not moist – substrates

● Non-toxic, ideal for potable water uses

● Install tile, brick and stone directly onto membrane

● Smooth & creamy. Easy to apply

● Good climate resistance

How to Use

Common Applications

  • Interior Thin Bed Walls

  • Interior Tile over Tile Renovation – Walls

  • Interior Tile & Stone Installations over Plywood Floors

  • Interior Floors with Leveling Mortars

  • Sound Reduction Membrane for Floors

  • Exterior Cement Backer Board Walls

  • Exterior Balconies

  • Swimming Pools

  • Renovations

  • Interior Thick Bed Walls

  • Interior Thin Bed Floors

  • Interior Cement Backer Board Floors

  • Interior Floors with Crack Isolation Membrane

  • Exterior Thin Bed Walls

  • Exterior Thin Bed Floors

  • Exterior Plaza & Deck System

  • Bathtub Walls

  • Interior Cement Backer Board Walls

  • Interior Thick Bed Floors

  • Interior Tile over Tile Renovation - Floors

  • Interior Floors with Waterproofing Membrane

  • Exterior Thick Bed Walls

  • Exterior Thick Bed Floors

  • Fountains

  • Shower Receptors/ Walls

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