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M Shades

Tensile Fabric Roofing


As a company we have a collaboration of ideas from individuals who excel in this industry. Marney Industries is a company that caters Tensile Membrane Fabric Roofing by both quality and elegance. Marney Industries understands the uniqueness of tensile fabric technology. Our top caliber engineers and architects with the best training and experience in this technology is expert in providing the clients with the finest design that are structurally sound and architecturally elegant. Marney Industries Corporation aims to provide a cost efficient tensile fabric technology in its best quality. With this, the company affirms to service each client with the best standard in materials and equipments that will be able to compete with the global customary in both function and elegance. Marney Industries envisions to be an internationally recognized firm that provides the best quality in tension fabric technology with high standards in both structural engineering and architectural aspects.



LONGEVITY - Greater thickness coating over the yarn that provides a greater ease of handling a longer life due to the added UV protection and other environmental conditions.

TEAR STRENGTH - In the event of an accident tear or perforation during assembly or as a result of vandalism, the high-tenacity structure of the textile prevents it from spreading.

UV RESISTANCE - With a strong experience of over 20 years in coating formulations and selecting pigment, the fabric offer unparallel resistance to UV rays and retain their original color over time.

FIRE SAFETY - Conform to the international fire standards in force for building open to the general public. The fabric does not drip and are self-extinguishing. (Automatic smoke clearance and flames are unable to spread).

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY - Gives virtually identical stretch characteristics in both warp and weft and retains its initial shape and perfect tension.

SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE - Mechanical or manual clean with the detergent is all it takes to preserve the textile's original looks

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